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As we are approaching the colder season of the year, this very annoying condition, namely the common cold, seems to affect everybody sooner or later and makes no difference between old and young. Positive Health Wellness It seems to be the very young ones or elderly who suffer the most.

The common cold is the most common infection of humans and is due to viruses. Bacteria do not cause this illness.

There is no successful treatment for the common cold; a virus works its way out by itself, providing you have a good functioning immune system. Which is exactly the deciding factor as how long you will have to suffer this condition

Runny nose, sore throat, watery eyes, headaches or nasal congestion all add to the intense discomfort the poor ‘victim’ is subjected to. Of course, you are never the ‘victim’, quite in contrary; you have ‘invited’ the bugger.

‘How did I do that’? you might ask.

Emotional status, stress, nutrition and other factors all affect susceptibility to the common cold and have contributed to lowering your immune system.

In 1983, more than 3 million people sought medical care for the common cold or flu. Of these, 51 percent were needlessly given antibiotics. Antibiotics do nothing for the common cold. Serious complications of the cold usually occur only in immune-suppressed individuals, and obviously an antibiotic is not going to reverse this effect. It only will suppress the symptoms, never cure or bring out the real cause of the illness.

For centuries people understood this fact and applied common sense and nature cures. Unfortunately these wise ways have been largely forgotten in our hectic, modern way of life. It’s mainly the older population who still remembers. We should have listened to our grandmothers!! (of course nobody ever does)

So what can we do to rectify this condition in a natural way without incurring huge medical bills?

Lets get right down to the core of the problem, the suppressed immune system.

How can we strengthen it to prevent future disasters? Apart from obvious reasons such as poor nutrition, there is an excellent and very simple home remedy, which has been used successfully for centuries for strengthening the immune system


30 cloves of garlic (peeled)

5 whole lemons or limes (cut into big chunks with rind)

1 small piece of fresh ginger

Cover with 1 lt of water and bring to the boil. As soon as it bubbles, turn off the heat and let it cool down without removing the lid. Strain through a sieve into a bottle and keep in the fridge

Dose: One big mouthful before each meal.

You can start taking this remedy right at winter start and throughout the cold time.

This simple remedy is the best you can do to protect your body against illness. Garlic is a supreme natural antibiotic and cleans up your entire lymphatic and respiratory system. Lemon provides you with an abundance of Vitamin C and other valuable nutrients. (It also counteracts ‘garlic smell’)

Ginger, being a warming herb, stimulates your circulation and thus carries more oxygen to the various parts of the body. This brew also has the additional benefit of cleansing your bloodstream, rectifying the blood pressure and being a great digestive at the same time.

As the old saying goes: Prevention is better than cure!

Let’s say, unfortunately you have left it too long and now the cold has hit you. The chest feels painful, heavy and congested, the throat screams for some soothing miracle.

When there is congestion in the chest or throat, as in bronchitis and colds, the WET HEATING COMPRESS is one of the most useful treatments there is and again an old proven and very simple house remedy.

Materials needed:

1. Cloth of fine texture, such as a handkerchief

2. Plastic strip a little wider than the cloth and long enough to go around the area to be treated (Cling wrap is always handy)

3. Flannel cloth of several thicknesses to promote warmth

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