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Cabbage a Head above the Rest

What is healthy food news? Cabbage is what good healthy food news with benefits of this super vegetable-are so enlighten to say the least. Raw or cooked steamed, are some easy ways to keep cabbages nutrients intact.

Vitamins C, K, manganese and fiber are pretty abundant in this prized fighting vegetable-cabbage. Some members of the cruciferous family like cabbage with the Latin word cruciferac as its root meaning.

Cruciferous vegetables are cabbage, kale, collard greens, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts (little cabbages). What’s so neat about cabbage is it is available year round-fresh, it is inexpensive, and it’s like a person’s best friend for kitchen ease.

Late fall and winter time is the season for growing cabbage and I, usually plant for a fall garden. Having a long history of medicine and healthy food properties are well touted.

What Healers Did Long Ago-Good Healthy Food News

Cabbage has a long standing history dating back to the ancient Roman healers that thought they could heal breast cancer by rubbing on pastes made from cabbage. Studies have shown if you make a paste and rub it on the backs of lab rats who were submitted to cancer agents that it kept them from forming tumors.

Yes, the best way to absorb, the healing properties of cabbage is to just cook and eat it. Cabbage is a prized fighter in the battle against colon cancer, because it stimulates levels of the enzyme called glutathione in the colon, which in turn sucks up all the toxins in the body preventing colon cancer.

Sulforaphane is found in cabbage and its benefit is to be anti-cancer food in nature, with powers to ward off heart disease, digestive problems, lower risks of cataracts, and even keep birth defects at bay.

Protective Phytonutrients

Because of the rich polyphenol content of cabbage, anthocyanins are found in all cabbages whether red, green or Chinese types of cabbage. Anthocyanins are found in red cabbages which also have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Cabbage has a unique phytonutrient called isothiocyanates which help the liver detoxify and have excellent anti-cancer properties.

Free radicals can wreck havoc on the body, and lead to heart disease and other serious health conditions. Inexpensive and very available during the year, cabbage is a super vegetable and a great way to eat your way to good health. Eating raw is of course the healthiest way and also steaming and light sautéing.

Both bok choy and savoy cabbages are good sources of folate, with ½ cup of either providing 35 mcg of folate acid and fiber for a day’s value. Folate is good for normal tissue growth.

Getting the Most of Healthy Foods News-Cabbage

Benefits of cabbage are numerous, availability is year round, and eating raw is easy, helps keep liver in tip top shape to carry away toxins that produce cancers
Strong antioxidant properties which put a major halt to the formation of free radicals which cause the body so much harm
Anti-cancer properties to stop colon cancer in its tracks
Good sources of Vitamins C, K, folate acid and manganese and other nutrients
Eating cabbage helps ward off heart disease, cancers of breast, prostate glands, and colon
Cabbage contains compounds, sulforaphane, which has been shown to step up the production of tumor-preventing enzymes in the body
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