The Benefits Of Crawl Space Insulation

Taking care of insulating your home should be a priority. If you notice that your thermostat is set to a high temperature, but the floor still feels cold, there is a chance that your crawl space could use additional insulation. The insulation of your crawl space plays a significant role in the energy efficiency of your entire house’s system, especially in a larger building. If you are looking to insulate crawl spaces at home, click here to know about the type of insulation it will be required for this process.

Here are some of the benefits of insulating your crawl space

Energy costs savings

One of the common advantages that homeowners will notice when insulating a crawl space is that over time, you will have the opportunity to enjoy greater energy efficiency. Some homeowners have reported that they actually recovered their investment once they insulated their crawl space. In fact, they will not have to worry about paying so much when their heating and cooling systems are in use. A proper seal can help you to reduce drafts, helping homeowners decrease the amount of energy needed to heat their house.

Moisture control

Air movement accounts for more than 98% of water vapor movement in building cavities. When your home is not properly insulated, moisture can seep in creating the potential for structural damage and mold. Properly insulated unintended paths for air movement can help control the moisture in your home, keeping people healthy and safe.

Longer-lasting HVAC systems

Most of the heating systems break down prematurely when they are exposed to work harder. With added insulation in a home’s crawl space the HVAC system such as heating, air conditioning and ventilating, doesn’t have to work as hard as it prevents the warm and cold air from escaping. When your crawl space system is combined with the rest of your house’s insulation, you can keep outside air infiltration to a minimum. This process can provide your cooling and heating system with the rest it needs to function better in the long term.

It creates better indoor air quality

Homeowners will experience an easier time to keep out allergens or any other irritants when the insulation system is installed correctly. This is especially helpful for people that live in areas featuring heavy amounts of allergens and local pollen. Homeowners will be able to keep the air inside of their home even cleaner when proper insulation is combined with a high-function ventilation system.

Now that you know all the benefits of insulating crawl spaces at home, it is recommended to contact a professional contractor to take care of the installation, to explain you the whole process of it, and what type of insulation works better. Do not even try to insulate your home’s crawl spaces if you are not able or don’t have the knowledge for doing it yourself. This video explains some other benefits of insulating your crawl spaces and how this process can help you out in saving hundred of dollars a year in energy.

How Essential Oils Affect Emotions

Portrait of relaxed young woman in bathtubMaybe you’ve heard about essential oils before and want to know how essential oils affect emotions. The amygdala, the area of the brain that plays an important role in releasing and storing emotional trauma, can only be stimulated through the sense of smell. Our sense of smell is directly linked to our behaviors and emotional states. Smell is also directly linked to the brain’s emotional control center or limbic lobe. A particular fragrance can evoke emotions and memories. When it comes to smells, we usually react first and think later.

Essential oils allow us to access repressed emotion and forgotten memories in order for us to accept and release or assimilate them. Repressed emotions and forgotten memories are often the source of fears, depression and anxiety. Essential oils can help evoke and release these emotions so that we can live a happier and stress-free life. Aromas trigger the release of chemicals that create a feeling of well-being. In fact, the body’s response to smells only takes milliseconds. Images and thoughts can take minutes or seconds to evoke memories. Essential oils are particularly effective when used together with complementary healing methods such as massage therapy, cleansing programs and psychotherapy. Go to and get more important information.

Which Essential Oil is Right for You?

Essential oils are available in synthetic and natural forms. Natural essential oils are actually non-water-soluble substances that combine with true oils and dissolve in alcohol. Pure, natural essential oils may be 70 times more effective than the plant source itself. Some synthetic oils are derived from natural oils, while others are purely made of petroleum products. These oils usually don’t create the same therapeutic effects as natural essential oils. The effects of essential oil can differ depending on the plant source and where it’s grown. Aside from this, the effects of certain oils also differ among individuals and cultures.

How To Hire a Bailbonds Agent

Receiving a call from the local police station might be nerve racking, but letting you know that a family member, loved one or friend is in jail, changes the tone of the situation dramatically. You first thought, or priority is to get the person out of jail by way of using a bond. The amount of the bond will depend entirely on how strong the charges against the individual are. Also, bail laws vary dramatically from state to state. Finding a suitable guarantor will ensure the process runs smoothly and the person to post the bond in a satisfactory manner. For more information on the subject be sure to check out

Follow these steps to find a great bondsman

  • Get to know the bail bond process. Before you embark on the quest to finding the right bondsman you need to familiarize yourself with what goes on when posting for bail. Bail is simply an amount of money, which is determined by the court, that the accused must give to get an early release. Now, when you hire a bail agent to post the bond, he is stating that the person accused will return at a later date to court (which is also necessary due to legal reasons). In essence, a bail bond is an agreement between the government and the person trying to be let off the hook.
  • Be aware of bail bond costs. The Department of Insurance supervises fees and usually fluctuate between a 10-20% charge based on the amount of the bond value. If the bond is set for $20,000, then the charge will be $2,000-$4,000. If the accused decides to skip town, the bondsman will then have to pay the amount, and of course, the person will have to pay all of the cost back.
  • Search for a bail guarantor. Whether online or in the popular yellow pages, searching and finding results should not be a hassle. When having found one, make sure to take your time and investigate their background. Ensure you are getting quality service for your money. If the search part has not given you the desired results, then check with the defendant’s lawyer. Lawyers may have in their contact list a number or two for reputable bail agents. Be sure to use everything at your disposal for finding great help to your case.
  • Know every detail of the agent. We mean every little detail on the matter. Beginning with the agent´s personal score (if he or she has ever been credited one). This is more of a safe step, just ensuring you are being helped by a reputable and trustworthy bondsman. Also, confirm the agent´s license is currently working. Due to any bad rep received from past cases, or getting their license revoked, make sure your agent is at speed and ok to work.
  • Read before signing. As a grown person about to trust your money and well-being of those inside the jail, you must ensure you are not about to be scammed. Remember always to read your contracts and check for any prior agreements you and your agent might have made.

Advantages Of Buying a Brand New Home

In today´s real estate market, buyers can decide to purchase a new home, a resale or a foreclosure. There are many considerations you have to keep in mind when buying the right home for you or your family. A brand new house tends to be more energy efficient, with a modern heating system and high levels of insulation. New homes built today can use 50% less energy that homes built in the 80’s. If you are trying to purchase a brand new house, take a look at this website for more information.

Here you have some of the advantages of buying a brand new home

Requires less maintenance

Your new home should not need updating, modernizing, refurbishing or redecorating for several years to get the house just how you wanted it. When you choose a resale home, there might be appliances, carpets or any other updates to the house that you will need to repair or replace. Today´s homes are engineered specifically to minimize maintenance requirements.


New homes can come with higher levels of security. Some builders either pre-wire for a burglar alarm system or just fit one as standard. These measures can help to reduce contents and house insurance.


When you decide to buy a new home, you can customize your flooring, appliances, paint colors and some other design elements and build a house that defines your lifestyle. Many home builders allow buyers to participate in the process of designing their property. For example, new home buyers can often decide where their bathroom might go, pick their favorite type of flooring or choose the color of the exterior paint.


Builders often agree to take care of the repair work that might become necessary in your newly built house for at least the first year. So if your roof starts leaking during the warranty period, the builder will pick up the tab for the repairs.


Modern houses are built to the latest safety standards using fire-resistant materials and smoke alarms. Certain rooms are required to have accessible opening windows to allow escaping when there is a fire for example.

Green appliances

An energy-efficient mechanics of the house also helps to reduce utility bills for new home buyers. Newly constructed houses often include green appliances and systems such as stoves, refrigerators, water heaters, washing machines or air condition units that homes built years ago might not.


Buying a new house often means buying a lifestyle. Planned or master communities may include amenities such as parks or community spaces that are close to schools and transit.

If you are looking to buy a house, you should take into consideration all the advantages and options you have when it comes to purchasing a brand new one. You can see for yourself that it has more benefits than buying a house that needs several repairs and restoration. This video provides some tips that you have to to keep in mind when you are about to buy a brand new house.

Patient Expectations and Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic-Care-SpecialitiesWhen most patients visit the doctor, they expect the doctor will diagnose them and offer treatment that will take care of their malady as quickly as possible. This is the expectation for when they visit chiropractors as well, but many people who have never visited the chiropractor before may have false assumption about the kind of treatment they will be receiving.

The majority of chiropractic visits are repeat visits for continuous and follow-up care. Many people do not realize that the majority of problems they go to see the chiropractor about will need to be followed by repeat visits as part of therapy.

Those misinformed patients believe that whatever problem they have- neck pain, back pain, headaches, etc.- will be quickly treated and they can go on about their business. They don’t understand that chiropractic care is more often than not a long and involved process that takes place over several visits. Their skeletomuscular problems may not be fixed on their first visit or even their fifth visit.

Chiropractors haven’t always done a good job of making sure that people know this ahead of time. Whether intentional or not, it isn’t widely known among those who have never visited a chiropractor or known someone close to them who did that the first visit to the chiropractor will almost definitely not be the last. They don’t understand that treatment from this kind of medical practice is often a process of therapy.

It’s the nature of ignorance about medical practices and healthcare treatment in general, however, that contributes to this problem. Patients become frustrated and disappointed with their visits to the chiropractor and may start to post unfavorable reviews and messages about the chiropractors they visit. They may not realize that it is common for every chiropractic practice to treat most cases with therapy rather than provide a quick solution, simply because the latter is not possible.

Many chiropractors, such as chiropractor, as doing what they can to make their customers aware of the kind of treatment they offer and the treatment process in general. It’s a slow road sometimes to ensure that patients understand what they should expect from their chiropractor, though. These specialists can help their potential patients by posting information about therapy and general chiropractic measures on their websites and other publicly accessible areas where potential patients would go to receive information about chiropractic care.

Oxygen Supply

Over time, the skin changes. Reasonable changes with age is certainly not an issue, but what if your skin is ‘old’ is much older than your current biological age?

Diagnosing Bipolar Disorder

Oxygen Supply
Although hormonal problems are affecting the quality of the skin. You can also take part tablets, at least keep the metabolism to run smoothly. Of course that does not deceive the skin display your actual age. One of them with oxygen supply. Why? Because, at the age of 30, a layer of human skin will lose about 65% oxygen levels.

As with other organs, the skin also needs oxygen to the regeneration of cells. This oxygen must always be new and guaranteed its existence. Of the cell formation process until exfoliation, oxygen is supplied through the vascular system was as if she never stopped flowing. Even a medical study to prove the main cause of skin ‘aging’ because of lack of oxygen supply. No wonder the issue of potential oxygen cause premature aging.

Fortunate in the world of beauty technology is known that oxygen therapy can make her skin look younger, healthier, and refreshed.

Treatment that includes favorites also encourage some cosmetics manufacturers to create similar products that contain oxygen booster oxygenated mineral formula.

Call it the type of oxygen or oxygen inhalation spray is deliberately designed more practical and economical. Or treatment with a mask or facial oxygen for more advanced treatment.

Skin Rejuvenation
In addition to the supply of oxygen, skin rejuvenation or skin rejuvenation can be considered to overcome the skin that are already ‘aged’ earlier. In popular terms, skin rejuvenation is an effort to encourage skin renewal rate or regeneration of the skin to return to near normal cycle, ie 21 days. By restoring skin to its original cycle (following the skin silus age children) then the skin will stay supple.

However, this treatment provides a variety of options. So, to find the most suitable to the needs of the skin, you are required to consult with an expert. Skin Rejuvenation today because it is generally better able to restore the skin laxity (sagging skin), helping to prevent and disguise wrinkles in the face caused by muscle contraction, and fill in the wrinkles (face sculpting). It’s complete, but that if the age of your skin is already aging.

Treat your skin fair.
Take care to use products that actually correspond to the current age of your skin. Not your age. Therefore these two things are different issues. Age signifies about your time on earth, was ‘skin age’ implies activity and record your habits over the years.

Confused measure it? Do not dizzy, easy. For example, if your biological age is currently around 25-30 years but got the rhythm of life type ‘hectic-stress’ that is with the extra activity in air-conditioned room or even exposed to sunlight.

Plus-style diet ‘important meal’ plus rest time is proportional to the ‘deadline job’, that means you need leather products which is roughly equivalent to women aged 35 years. Just five to ten years older than your current biological age.

Easy to Understand Reasons Why Twitter is Great for Businesses

Twitter is a vital tool for internet businesses because it is incredibly efficient in helping you reach your target market. Gather In this article we will look at three reasons that you need to use Twitter to help your business.

Twitter can be used as an understanding tool by businesses to learn more about their target audience and know what their wants and desires are. Let’s face it, as a business if you want to keep on developing products that people want then you’ll have to know what they want in the first place. This allows you to get a close and inside look at your customer’s wants and needs from an insider’s perspective. Twitter can help you out in this area because it’s easy to reach out to a large number of people concentrated in a specific area. Let’s say you work in the “dog training” market and are trying to launch a new e-book. You can use Twitter to understand what kind of problems people are facing when training their dogs and then you can address to those issues in your ebook.

Twitter is a great tool for any business because of the ease it provides to you for sharing promotional products and sales with followers. Let’s share an example: let’s pretend that you run an e-commerce site that sells toys. You can run special offers and “deal of the day” promotions and send notice of those things to your Twitter followers list. This typically sends a huge rush of buyers to your site who want to spend money and further explore your offers. It is not all that different from putting up a notice in the paper except that the method of information dissemination is different.

You can use Twitter to better track your competition and to bring in lots of competitive intelligence. It is easy to watch their tweets and keep a close watch on what they do. It doesn’t matter if your competition is having a hard time or starting something new, you’ll keep track of it all by watching them on Twitter. For example, if a competing business launches a new product then they will most likely send out tweets about it and that will clue you in to their launch and publicity processes. Not only is this a way to closely monitor your competitors and to use Twitter properly.

Above all else, this article shows you that Twitter can help your business a lot. When you’re new to social media, it could take some time before you get used to the idea of using Twitter to spread the word about your company and products. Nevertheless, once you start tweeting and send the right words to the right people you’ll see how progressive it is. For more, please see pajama jeans, as seen on tv products, and 30 second smile.

Is Fasting the Best Way to Slim Down?

black coffee is intermittent fasting friendly

Let me reveal for you how basic online fitness coaching has actually made it easy for thousands of ladies to reduce weight, and how you can too!

When there’s robust hectic music blasting in your ears as you pound the pavement, many people would concur that working out is a lot more enjoyable. That last tune can certainly assist you make it through the last minutes of your exercise, and Spotify is trying to help you do simply that. The music streaming service has actually compiled a list of the most popular exercise songs, to provide you something to look forward to at your next physical fitness session.

Generally, CitriTherm is a thermogenic/fat-burning diet supplement tablet that primarily helps in reducing the body fat of the user. It has numerous positive user reviews online to back it up that it is really amazing. Its advantages all-in-one single pill is quite you can possibly imagine, and has been shown to be true. This product absolutely deserves its spot in our leading 10 diet plan tablets for 2016/17!

Raspberry Ketone Plus possess active ingredients that are included straight in the procedure of fat metabolic process, and therefore burning body fat ends up being much easier for your body, leading to quicker weight loss. Combine this item’s highly-reputable producer, all-natural safe active ingredients, amazing results and advantages, and its many online positive user reviews, and you have actually got yourself a good deal! We have no doubt that the vast bulk of users would be extremely satisfied when utilizing this supplement. If you can also combine this with an intermittent fasting routine, you might actually lose weight and gain muscle.

Suresh It adapts and your fat loss decreases. So then off course we have the right method to drop weight which deals with the core issues. The core issues that create weight gain in the first location. We cover in terrific extent the proper method to drop weight through the seven keys of weight loss. These principles help you lose fat while keeping your muscle mass. In the 7 secrets we speak about correct nutrition, proper exercise, proper restoration, proper supplementation, correct motivation, proper social support and appropriate education. These are all covered in great detail in our Correct Weight reduction Blog Correct weight reduction is the more sustainable way to drop weight due to the fact that it resolves the core problems while the majority of these popular ways to drop weight are more symptomatic. While you might get short-term results, you do not get much net weight loss at the end of the day.

Drugs and Tablets: We’re all acquainted with this one and we know there’s not a magic tablet that will make you skinny. Regretfully, drugs, like cocaine, are frequently used as a quick fix for weight-loss. However in the long run they can seriously damage your heart and your brain. There are certain supplements that can help in fat-burning, however they must support healthy consuming and exercise, and the healthy supplements are whole-food based.

Scientists for the Nielsen Global Health & Health Study found that when individuals in The United States and Canada commit to changing their diet plan for weight-loss, the most popular way to do it is now to add in more natural, fresh foods. About 60% of people in North America state that’s the diet modify they’re doing– a major departure from the traditional idea of dieting-as-deprivation. And though it’s still an incredibly popular method for weight loss, cutting fat is even falling out of favor. Amongst people in North America who are changing their diet, 59% say they’re curbing their fatty food consumption, but that number was much greater– 73%– in 2011.

A descendent of the mint family, forskolin advocates state that it decreases both body mass and fat mass. However, there have just been two human research studies regarding forskolin’s impact on weight-loss, and neither were really effective at proving this theory. One study stated that forskolin does not appear to promote weight loss however may help mitigate weight gain.” I ‘d hold off on including this in your diet plan up until we understand more about this up-and-comer.

Making Solar Panels from Home

If you want to make solar panels for home power, you will need the right materials. Energy Smart PTY Ltd You need to start off with a smaller scale solar panel to see how everything works before you jump into a larger projects. The very first thing you will require is an order of solar panels. They can be costly so your best option is to find them used online.

They are often somewhat damaged but worry not because they’ll still work properly. Go through all your solar panels and ensure there won’t be any broken lines about the black side of the cell… You have to make sure all those line is connected in case any are disconnected as a result of damage you might need a conductive pen to connect the lines again.

Keep your solar panels inside a safe place from everyone. As you might guess, they’re about as fragile and as thin glass. So you should prevent them from entering reach of children. You don’t want someone to accidentally bumps into them. Making solar panels for home power means that you have to make the actual panel itself. You can do this by purchasing a simple piece of plywood. Don’t be cheap on the panels, because it is the base of this cell setup and it holds everything together. Get a strong wood for the panel.

When you have your panel ready, you will need some Plexiglas to put over the top panel to protect the solar panels in the weather. Finally your panel is defined as gonna seem like a sizable picture frame. The previous couple of steps we’re going to discuss on building solar panels for home power is about obtaining the energy.

You’re first going to need some copper wiring so that you can connect all the solar panels together. Then you’ll need a accumulator to store the power to help you apply it before you go. For those who have this done, you should have a pretty complete solar panel and you will be wanting to learn about bigger projects to build more energy for your home.

Make sure to allow for slots for that a pair of electrical wires that are fitted with the previous solar cell. Just remember to build all the parts meticulously. Don’t miss our next post for more valuable information.

Automobile Insurance – Minimum Coverage Requirement Standards

Automobile insurance minimum standard coverage is the basic amount of insurance coverage required by local or state law for a person licensed to drive to drive an automobile within that region or territory. Simply explained, it is the mandatory amount of auto insurance coverage a driver must carry. MFD Is your #1 service provider!

Liability coverage is viewed as the most important portion of a person’s auto insurance policy by most states. This coverage protects a driver of an automobile from incurring cost as a result of damages and injury caused if the driver causes an accident and is found at fault. Suppose you are driving along one evening and accidentally crash into another car. Liability coverage in your automobile insurance policy will compensate the owner of the car you crashed into for the damage to their vehicle caused by the accident.

Automobile insurance companies go farther by actually breaking down the liability coverage portion of your policy into two subsections. The first subsection is defined as bodily injury liability. Bodily injury liability insures against personal injury as a result of an accident where you are a fault in order to compensate the other drivers for injuries and resulting medical expenses due to the car accident. The second subsection of liability coverage insures against property damage. This portion of the automobile insurance policy protects you from monetary liability from damage caused by you to another person’s car.

Automobile insurance coverage can vary, but 100/300/100 is usually considered to be a good base automobile insurance coverage. This terminology is further explained as the automobile insurance company will pay up to $100,000 for bodily injury for the driver of the other vehicle, up to $300,000 towards bodily injury sustained by all persons involved in the accident and up to $100,000 for property damage as a result of the accident. Rising medical costs and higher car prices make it necessary for this type of coverage to be considered the absolute minimum standard insurance requirement. However, each state has different laws and standards and it is up to the individual to ascertain exactly what the minimum acceptable levels of auto insurance are for their location.

Avoid retaining only the minimum coverage required by your state standard in order to save a few dollars. Opt of r a higher deductible in these types of situations. Just make sure you are capable of paying the higher deductible in the event an accident does occur. In most cases, you will find that by increasing your deductible by as little as five hundred dollars substantially lowers the annual prices of your automobile insurance premium.

Uninsured motorist insurance protects you from people that illegally drive without insurance and underinsured motorist coverage pays for the cost of personal injuries that exceed the other driver’s insurance coverage. PIP coverage is not required in every state and you will need to find out whether or not your state requires these other forms of automobile insurance coverage as a component of the automobile insurance minimum coverage standard.

Bathroom Design Think Concerning the 30’s

As you believe the toilet design rework, consider going with a 30’s theme remodel. A unique subject, this is a wonderful means for you to get dressed up the glance of the toilet and make it the most important a part of the remodeling job commercial fit out. Take a few mins to consider how smartly this will work in your house and in your use and layout desires for the bathroom.

Geometric Design Features

For those taking into account 30’s bathroom reworking, to take your time to decide what may paintings neatly there. bathroom design in this topic is one that provides a lot of options as a result of at that time in history, folks have been doing numerous unique issues and there was once numerous evolving kinds happening.

One of the keys to this period of time is the geometric designs you might see, in addition to the original colors. The 30’s could pass directly to encourage countless other tasks as well.

To your bathroom transform, you do not need to get too overdone on the subject of remodeling. Relatively, you’ll select the styles from the period of time that you like or make a selection wallpaper that provides the geometric toilet designs that have been common then. Click here to visit FES

Particular Concerns

With bathroom remodeling, it is very important realize that during this time, there a large number of Edwardian eras, as well as a Victorian generation design. A just right place to start out is with the world surrounding the bathtub and the sink.

You’ll want to believe handled oak wooden for those areas. There are lots of different designs you’ll imagine here too, but cast picket goes to be probably the most original toilet layout for the 30’s era.

For the toilet and shower, you are going to additionally need to believe the choices you’ve including porcelain bathtubs.

A lot of those are stand alone tubs that includes stunning feet.
It is usually essential to believe the color agenda of your toilet design for the 30’s theme. A good position to start out is with something that may be white: Thank you for your interest

White was once a highly regarded selection throughout that point in rest room designs. It could be supplemented with oak cupboards as well as the shower and bathroom design that was white in color.

Your native home development store is likely to supply additional information and design options that can assist you to get this look and feel through.

Best of all, the bathroom layout can also be as unique as you could possibly find it irresistible to be. Choose between the very unique looks you’re after.

Healthy Food News

Cabbage a Head above the Rest

What is healthy food news? Cabbage is what good healthy food news with benefits of this super vegetable-are so enlighten to say the least. Raw or cooked steamed, are some easy ways to keep cabbages nutrients intact.

Vitamins C, K, manganese and fiber are pretty abundant in this prized fighting vegetable-cabbage. Some members of the cruciferous family like cabbage with the Latin word cruciferac as its root meaning.

Cruciferous vegetables are cabbage, kale, collard greens, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts (little cabbages). What’s so neat about cabbage is it is available year round-fresh, it is inexpensive, and it’s like a person’s best friend for kitchen ease.

Late fall and winter time is the season for growing cabbage and I, usually plant for a fall garden. Having a long history of medicine and healthy food properties are well touted.

What Healers Did Long Ago-Good Healthy Food News

Cabbage has a long standing history dating back to the ancient Roman healers that thought they could heal breast cancer by rubbing on pastes made from cabbage. Studies have shown if you make a paste and rub it on the backs of lab rats who were submitted to cancer agents that it kept them from forming tumors.

Yes, the best way to absorb, the healing properties of cabbage is to just cook and eat it. Cabbage is a prized fighter in the battle against colon cancer, because it stimulates levels of the enzyme called glutathione in the colon, which in turn sucks up all the toxins in the body preventing colon cancer.

Sulforaphane is found in cabbage and its benefit is to be anti-cancer food in nature, with powers to ward off heart disease, digestive problems, lower risks of cataracts, and even keep birth defects at bay.

Protective Phytonutrients

Because of the rich polyphenol content of cabbage, anthocyanins are found in all cabbages whether red, green or Chinese types of cabbage. Anthocyanins are found in red cabbages which also have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Cabbage has a unique phytonutrient called isothiocyanates which help the liver detoxify and have excellent anti-cancer properties.

Free radicals can wreck havoc on the body, and lead to heart disease and other serious health conditions. Inexpensive and very available during the year, cabbage is a super vegetable and a great way to eat your way to good health. Eating raw is of course the healthiest way and also steaming and light sautéing.

Both bok choy and savoy cabbages are good sources of folate, with ½ cup of either providing 35 mcg of folate acid and fiber for a day’s value. Folate is good for normal tissue growth.

Getting the Most of Healthy Foods News-Cabbage

Benefits of cabbage are numerous, availability is year round, and eating raw is easy, helps keep liver in tip top shape to carry away toxins that produce cancers
Strong antioxidant properties which put a major halt to the formation of free radicals which cause the body so much harm
Anti-cancer properties to stop colon cancer in its tracks
Good sources of Vitamins C, K, folate acid and manganese and other nutrients
Eating cabbage helps ward off heart disease, cancers of breast, prostate glands, and colon
Cabbage contains compounds, sulforaphane, which has been shown to step up the production of tumor-preventing enzymes in the body
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Natural Herbal Remedies at The Herbalist

As we are approaching the colder season of the year, this very annoying condition, namely the common cold, seems to affect everybody sooner or later and makes no difference between old and young. Positive Health Wellness It seems to be the very young ones or elderly who suffer the most.

The common cold is the most common infection of humans and is due to viruses. Bacteria do not cause this illness.

There is no successful treatment for the common cold; a virus works its way out by itself, providing you have a good functioning immune system. Which is exactly the deciding factor as how long you will have to suffer this condition

Runny nose, sore throat, watery eyes, headaches or nasal congestion all add to the intense discomfort the poor ‘victim’ is subjected to. Of course, you are never the ‘victim’, quite in contrary; you have ‘invited’ the bugger.

‘How did I do that’? you might ask.

Emotional status, stress, nutrition and other factors all affect susceptibility to the common cold and have contributed to lowering your immune system.

In 1983, more than 3 million people sought medical care for the common cold or flu. Of these, 51 percent were needlessly given antibiotics. Antibiotics do nothing for the common cold. Serious complications of the cold usually occur only in immune-suppressed individuals, and obviously an antibiotic is not going to reverse this effect. It only will suppress the symptoms, never cure or bring out the real cause of the illness.

For centuries people understood this fact and applied common sense and nature cures. Unfortunately these wise ways have been largely forgotten in our hectic, modern way of life. It’s mainly the older population who still remembers. We should have listened to our grandmothers!! (of course nobody ever does)

So what can we do to rectify this condition in a natural way without incurring huge medical bills?

Lets get right down to the core of the problem, the suppressed immune system.

How can we strengthen it to prevent future disasters? Apart from obvious reasons such as poor nutrition, there is an excellent and very simple home remedy, which has been used successfully for centuries for strengthening the immune system


30 cloves of garlic (peeled)

5 whole lemons or limes (cut into big chunks with rind)

1 small piece of fresh ginger

Cover with 1 lt of water and bring to the boil. As soon as it bubbles, turn off the heat and let it cool down without removing the lid. Strain through a sieve into a bottle and keep in the fridge

Dose: One big mouthful before each meal.

You can start taking this remedy right at winter start and throughout the cold time.

This simple remedy is the best you can do to protect your body against illness. Garlic is a supreme natural antibiotic and cleans up your entire lymphatic and respiratory system. Lemon provides you with an abundance of Vitamin C and other valuable nutrients. (It also counteracts ‘garlic smell’)

Ginger, being a warming herb, stimulates your circulation and thus carries more oxygen to the various parts of the body. This brew also has the additional benefit of cleansing your bloodstream, rectifying the blood pressure and being a great digestive at the same time.

As the old saying goes: Prevention is better than cure!

Let’s say, unfortunately you have left it too long and now the cold has hit you. The chest feels painful, heavy and congested, the throat screams for some soothing miracle.

When there is congestion in the chest or throat, as in bronchitis and colds, the WET HEATING COMPRESS is one of the most useful treatments there is and again an old proven and very simple house remedy.

Materials needed:

1. Cloth of fine texture, such as a handkerchief

2. Plastic strip a little wider than the cloth and long enough to go around the area to be treated (Cling wrap is always handy)

3. Flannel cloth of several thicknesses to promote warmth

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